Unculttering the Outsourcing Process
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Tax Advisory
  • Transfer pricing is one the most important and complex activity within the realm of cross border transactions. vEnable  has undertaken several transfer pricing assignments in India for many subsidiaries of multinationals. Our taxation advisory services help clients minimise the tax risks associated with transfer pricing and international transactions.

Our transfer pricing study and documentation includes:

  • Function, Asset & Risk Analysis
  • Industry and Economic Analysis
  • Analysis of comparable companies from public database and/or internally available comparable transactions
  • Adjustments to bring comparable transactions at par with the client company
  • Arriving at an arm’s length price to comply with standards
  • Application of suitable transfer pricing method.

vEnable’s range of services includes advising clients on various corporate tax matters, representing them for tax assessments & litigation.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) occurs when an organization turns over the operation/management of a particular business process (such as accounting or payroll) to a third party service provider that specializes in that process.
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Outsourcing is one of the solutions to today’s business pressures. It helps improve the Bottom-line of an organization by reducing costs, allows the organization to concentrate on its core business, gives access to services of skilled and qualified professionals.

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