Unculttering the Outsourcing Process
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About the Promoters


  • vEnable is set up as an one stop solution provider in Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Regulatory requirements, Human Resources and other allied areas to its clients in India and abroad.
  • Indian enterprises are increasingly looking at outsourcing as a potential gateway for unhindered and professional back office services and are fast catching up with their Western Counterparts. Through outsourcing, companies intend to focus on their core competencies and do more with less, thereby increase their bottom-line and hence the share holder wealth.
  • vEnable management and delivery team have over 25 years experience in providing support services to their customers across the globe. Our principals consist of senior Chartered Accountants, businesspersons and accounting professionals in India. We have prestigious clients from both Public and Private enterprises who we are serving for over two decades. 
    We are located in Bangalore, the technology hub of India which gives us access to manpower and Information Technology expertise for serving you better.
  • Our vision of providing high quality of services is well supported by the state of the art infrastructure at our facility in Bangalore.


vEnable is promoted and managed by Chartered Accountants, Finance Professionals and Other Management Consultants with over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Consulting and Outsourcing.  

Employees / Human Resources:

  • Employees are the backbone of our delivery capabilities. vEnable’s recruitment practices ensure that the employees recruited have the necessary skills, talent, attitude and commitment for achieving maximum  customer satisfaction.
  • In today’s dynamic world of continuous changes and improvements, every professional is expected to enhance his professional and technical knowledge on a continuous basis to meet the expectations of the clients. vEnable believes in the philosophy of hiring for attitude and training for skills. The employees are trained on the latest developments on a regular basis.

Process Driven:  

  • We believe that Processes play an important role in ensuring the consistency in the quality of deliverables and increased customer satisfaction. Venable has standardized, developed and adopted well defined processes for most of the routine delivery operations.
  • We also study and adopt the exact process that is being outsourced to us,  giving room for improvement or customization subject to client approval. 

  • We have adopted the industry best practices and also have introduced lot of innovations to meet the specific requirements of its clients.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) occurs when an organization turns over the operation/management of a particular business process (such as accounting or payroll) to a third party service provider that specializes in that process.
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Outsourcing is one of the solutions to today’s business pressures. It helps improve the Bottom-line of an organization by reducing costs, allows the organization to concentrate on its core business, gives access to services of skilled and qualified professionals.

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